This is very interesting, Saskia Sassen ‘thinking aloud’ at Lift France 2011, in Marseille!



Here is one image of my work exhibited at POP_UP CITY in Margate in August.

My drawings are derived from the concern over multinational corporation led urban ‘regeneration’. As the signs of the corporations stand out of the cityscape; hide and overshadow the architecture of the city, every city becomes a clone of another. This ‘regeneration’ is based on the economic interest of the corporation, overriding the real needs and concerns of the citizens and overlooking the sustainable urban development.

I have started a Drawing A Day Project. Very busy times so I haven’t been able to draw everyday, but I promise to keep going and be better in the future!

I will try to link the project here, but in the mean time take a look at !


I wanted to upload images of my work exhibited in a group show in Pie Factory in Margate. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the show myself and haven’t received any photos yet. Also my images are pdf’s and I am helpless without my adobe creative suite. For time being, just have to wait and see…

How ever, I heard that the show was a great success with lots of visitors and only positive feed back! I am looking forward to seeing some photos and promise to post them here as well!

I am taking part in a group exhibition in Margate in the end of August. I’m very excited as this is my first exhibition outside Uni!

An exploration into the emergence of an urban environment within an unexpected context.

Featuring work from:

Anna Baranowska, Daniel Tollady, Marlies Vermuelen,Alex Procter, Elizabeth Worley, Tiina-Liisa Kujala

Music by Re:Fried



“POP_UP CITY, as when abroad, the signs of the multinational corporations stand out of the cityscape; evoking sense of familiarity and homely.
POP_UP CITY, as these signs often hide or overshadow the architecture of the city.
POP_UP CITY, as multinational corporations take over their signs pop up; cloning the cityscapes around the globe.
POP_UP CITY, as in Britain, a new Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s or Asda opens every day.
POP_UP CITY, when one of the big four (Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s or Asda) opens in the area, meaning demise of the high street; a city transfers into a supermarket.”

I will post my POP_UP CITY drawings once they are ready for publishing…


I lived in Oslo for three years between 1999-2004. One of my favorite places was (and still is when I go for a visit) Frogner Park. I call Frogner Park Peoples Park firstly, because it serves as a public living room of the city; locals spend time there reading, playing games, barbecuing and exercising, and secondly, because of its Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park featuring 212 bronze and granite sculptures (full size human figures).  The sculptures depict all in one way or other the dramatic theme: Man’s journey from cradle to grave, through happiness and grief, through fantasy, hope and wishes of eternity.

Sculpture Park is admission free so art is there for everybody to enjoy. Additionally there is no strict rules; one can for example skateboard, climb on the sculptures, try to complete the Labyrinth’s mosaic or float toes in the fountain water.

I took these (and many more) photos on my last visit to Oslo. 

Find out more:

I found Candice Breitz today when searching for inspiration for my final video installation. MotherWeb is just one of her amazing video works…

“Through her pointed and deftly edited video installations, Candice Breitz looks at the stereotypes and visual conventions in film and popular culture. These videos often explore the relationship between the god-like presence of pop stars and actors, and their awestruck fans.

For her acclaimed two-part video installation Mother and Father (2005), Breitz extracted segments of mothers and fathers from Hollywood films such as Kramer vs Kramer, Mommie Dearest, and Postcards From the Edge. By isolating tiny episodes of dialogue, and presenting them as if there was a single narrative thread running through their performances, she transformed their behaviour into a chorus of parental breakdown. Breitz has also examined the status of pop stars in works such as Queen (A Portrait of Madonna) (2005), King (A Portrait of Michael Jackson) (2005) and Legend (A Portrait of Bob Marley) (2005). In these works, Breitz gathered fans by posting advertisements in newspapers and fan websites, and then they were asked to sing their way through a key album. Shot in screen-test mode and presented as a choral grid over a wall of TV screens, these installations are both compelling and toe-curlingly difficult to watch, affectionate glimpses into the power structures inherent in mass media and its passionate consumers.

Candice Breitz was born in 1972 in Johannesburg, and currently lives and works in Berlin. She has participated in many major exhibitions including the Johannesburg, São Paulo, Istanbul, Kwangju, Taipei and Venice Biennales. She has had solo exhibitions at De Appel Foundation, Amsterdam (2001), Moderna Museet, Stockholm (2004), Modern Art Oxford (2003); Castello di Rivoli, Turin (2005) and Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2005).”